Place Value

In Maths we are learning about place value of numbers upto 30 by exploring how many tens and ones a 2 digit number has. We have been using a variety of mathematical equipment to represent numbers upto 30. 


Height and length 

The children have been learning about height and length in Maths. They have been using the vocabulary 'taller' and 'shorter' to compare height and 'longer' and 'shorter' to compare length. During Maths the children learnt how to use their body parts as a unit of measurement for example hand span, finger width and foot length. The children used this unit of measurement to measure objects around the classroom fort example the tavle, a book and the door. We then progressed to using cubes and paper clips as a unit of measurement. The children measured how tall or long an object was using the cubes and paper clips and recorded their results.