Spring 2

This half term year 4 have been working on information texts and looking at identifying the features of these texts including persuasive language. This has been linked with our theme topic of Ancient Egypt and the children created brochures/leaflets.  

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Spring 1

This half term we have been learning about stories with an issues/dilemmas and Explanations.

The children read the story 'The Mousehole Cat' and went on to adapt the original story with our own ideas. They changed the setting, characters, dilemma and the solutions. 

Below are some pictures of their adapted stories:



In theme, 4LV have been learning about the digestive system and went on to write an explanation in English on what happens to food once it enters our mouths and its journey trough the digestive system. 

Here is some of the work that they produced:


Autumn 2 


Autumn 1