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Summer 2 - Hunted


Summer 1 - Water Water 

This half term Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt. They explored what Ancient Egypt was like at the time, how they used to live and the process of mummification. They had a chance to look at many different Egyptian artefacts including Egyptian toys and Tutankhamun's mask. The children also got the chance to dress up as Egyptians wearing the egyptian robe, wig and jewellery. Children also learnt about the River Nile, Ancient Civilisations, Life after Death 



Spring 2 - Passport To Europe

In Geography in this half term, Year 4 have been looking at the country Norway and found a region within it to compare to Lancashire. We compared trade links, climate and land usage. Children found facts about Oslo, the contracting region, and discussed how it is different to Lancashire. 

During this topic Year 4 designed and made their own passport holder by stitching pieces of material together. They were faced with an initial problem and followed the design process throughout. 



Spring 1 - The Art of Food. 

At the start of the Spring term, Year 4 took part in a DT project. They were faced with a problem, the Breakfast Club toy box was bare, so Year 4 were challenged with making a suitable toy for the breakfast club box that the children would enjoy, as well as being able to make it themselves. 

Using what we had learnt about electricity, the children chose to design a game that we could make using electrical circuits. We tested a number of shop bought games first to see which we preferred. The children chose to make a 'Dont buzz the wire' game.

The task was challengeing and we had a number of obsticles to overcome, but the end products were fantastic and I am very proud of how hard the children have worked. Here are some pitcures of some of the experiments we have carried out. 





Autumn 2 - The Great Plague

This half term Year 4 have been learning about The Great Plague. The Plague started in London in 1665 and ended in 1666. The Great Fire of London played a part in the ending of the Plague as it killed a lot of the rats that were spreading the disease. 

We have learnt about; living conditions in London at the time, how and why The Plague spread so quickly, who was affected most and why, the symptoms and of The Plague and Plague Doctors. Children were familiar with the word 'pandemic' and could link some aspects of the Plague to our current situation with the Coronavirus. The children compared Mortality Bills from London in 1666 to the current death firgures from the Coronavirus as well as the vaccine roll out. I am very proud of how mature the children have been whilst discussing this topic as it can be challenging and upsetting. 

Well done 4LV, you have worked super hard!

Here is some of the work that we have produced;





Autumn 1 - Sparks Might Fly 

This half term we have been learning about The Industrial Revolution. 

We have talked about how The Industrial Revolution changed Britain for the better, and how specifically it affected Lancashire. The children compared images from before and after the Industrial Revolution, looked at transport and how it changed with the first engine, discussed how children were made to work in factories from a young age and talked about what it might have been like to live through this change.


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