Home Learning

If you are isolating or working from home for any other reason, there are some activities for you to work through below. 

Feel free to complete on an electronic devide or simply on a piece or paper. 


Guided Reading - Please spend some time reading a book. This could be your Reading book, Library book, Reading for Pleasure book or simply a book you have at home. Write a summary of what you have read. 

Maths - Work through the task sheets and deeper learning activities below. 

English - In English we have been looking at stories with an issue/dilemma. You may have started to plan/write your own story in class. Start or continue to write your adapted version of The Mousehole Cat.

Theme - This half term our theme is Teeth and Digestion. Do some research and write down 10 new facts that you find about teeth or digestion. 

Spellings - Please practice the sleppings from the Year 3/4 spelling list. 

Handwriting - In your neatest handwriting, have a go at writing out the poem I have provided. 



Files to Download