Things to look forward to this half term...

Reading is Magic festival - Week beginning Monday 2nd October

MacMillan Coffee morning - Friday 27th October

Talk Money week - Week beginning Monday 6th November

Maths Week England - Week beginning Monday 13th November


Half term holiday - Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October

We return to school on Monday 30th October


After School Club starts after half term

Girls Football Club 3.30pm-4.15pm



5th November



What are fireworks?

Fireworks are defined as: “A device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals which causes spectacular effects and explosions when ignited, used for display or in celebrations.”

Fireworks are separated into categories based on the level of risk they pose.

 Category 1 – Known as Indoor Fireworks

This category include sparklers. These can be used by children over the age of 5 if they are with an adult.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy or have in their possession any firework that is not a category 1

Category 2 – Known as Garden fireworks

These are fireworks that adults can buy from a shop or supermarket for use in their own garden

Only adults should buy or touch fireworks – If someone tries to give you a firework say NO

Category 3 - larger fireworks referred to as      DISPLAY FIREWORKS

These may not be suitable for the average garden and usually require a minimum spectator distance of 25 meters.

*Remember – ALWAYS stand well back from bonfires and fireworks, and never go near a firework that has been lit.

Anyone who is caught carrying out or being involved with anti-social behavior such as misuse of fireworks, committing arson or obstructing an emergency service worker could:

  • Be arrested
  • Receive a Fixed penalty notice (fine)
  • Be reported for summons – and have to explain their actions and behaviour to a court

                  What effect does Anti-social behavior have on

      YOU              YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS           YOUR COMMUNITY     

                                   EMERGENCY SERVICES



 Bikeability - November 2023

 Bikeability - Cycle Training Cornwall 

Bikeability is starting after half term.

Do not worry if your child has not got a bike. They have already informed they teacher and Bikeability will be providing them with one including a helmet.

Please can you make sure your child is bringing their bike to school on their alloted day, letter to follow. A member of staff will be directing your child to where they will be keep them

As the weather is changing, please make sure your child brings they coat, hat and gloves with them as we will be outside for lond periods.

Although the weather was not the best, the children had a fabulous time!


Peace day 

Tuesday 13th November, to reflect and donate money to relief services.


Children in Need

Thursday 16th November, wear YELLOW, SPOTS OR BRIGHT COLOURS.

Children in Need is on BBC 1 on Friday 17th November.

To donate to children charities in the UK, to help children across communities like yours have the chance to be the best they can be and the support to thrive.

A yellow tshirt with a colourful Pudsey head design