Home Learning 18.1.2024

Please try your best to complete as many of today's activities as you can.  All of today's activities, other than the MyMaths tasks, have been uploaded to PurpleMash and set as 2dos - you can choose to either complete the activities online or download them using the links below.  I have also uploaded this week's homework (which would have been handed out today) so you can also make a start on that.


Another text linked to our History theme today.  This time it's about World Leaders during World War II.  Read the text and answer the questions - this can be done on PurpleMash (2do set) or can be downloaded from the link.  There is also a quiz linked to the text, which is set as a 2do on Purple Mash.


Re-watch the opening scene from Goodnight Mr Tom  GTM (1999) 1/10 - YouTube.

  1. Describe the setting (countryside and cottage) using noun phrases and expanded noun phrases.
  2. Consider the inferences which can be made from details in a setting (see task sheet).
  3. Write your own setting description for the opening scene of Goodnight Mr Tom.


Answer the punctuation, word, sentence and text level questions about gaming - handheld devices.  


  1. Complete the negative number activities set on MyMaths.
  2. Complete the 2dos on PurpleMash linked to our next unit: Co-ordinates.  Remember to read across (left or right) before up or down.
  3. Answer the arithmetic questions.  The answers are on the last page so you can check how well you have done.


Find out about Vera Lynn - there is a PowerPoint attached - and listen to some of her songs.  What are the songs about?  How do they make you feel?  Which is your favourite?

Create a fact file about Vera Lynn.

Files to Download