We follow the Red Rose Mastery Maths Scheme of work at Reedley Primary School.

Here is a weekly overview of what children working at Year 4 will be following. 

RedRoseMaths Y4.png

Autumn 1

Place Value, addition and subtraction

Children have been taught a variety of skills and have gained an understanding in the order
and place value of numbers beyond 1000, including counting in tens and hundreds, and
maintaining fluency in other multiples through varied and frequent practice.
Year 4 have started to extend their knowledge of the number system to include the decimal
numbers. They can also connect estimation and rounding numbers to the use of measuring instruments.

Our key vocabulary for addition and subtraction

addition, subtraction,  add, take-away, ones, hundreds, thousands, less than, greater than, exchange, bridge,value, one decimal place, multiple, rounding, estimate and compare. 



Length and perimeter

We have been building on our previous knowledge in Year 3 for measurement. We have all enjoyed learning new skills and we have become more confident when using our rulers to measure accurately, we understand what perimeter is and how to work out the perimeter of different shapes. Children can consolidate their understanding of addition and subtraction by applying it to the context of length, including recognising difference problems as subtraction. 

Our key vocabulary for length and perimeter:

length, width, scale, centimetres, millimetres, metres, properties, measure, calculate, perimeter, distance, accurate, parallel.



This half term we have been looking at interpreting and representing data through various ways including, bar charts and pictograms. We have started to familiarise ourselves with how to answer questions based on the data we have been provided with. 

Our key vocabulary for statistics:

data, interpret, bar chart, pictogram, represent, differnece, intervals, axis, scale


More addition and subtraction 


Autumn 2 

Children will be learning to tell the time to the nearest minute. Converting time including 60 seconds = 1 minute, 60 minutes = 1 hour, 24 hours = 1 day and 7 days = 1 week and vice versa. Converting distance including 10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m, 1000m = 1km and vice versa.
Learning addition and subtraction facts (number bonds) and multiplication and division facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 times tables. 

Identify, name and describe 2 and 3D shapes. Children should know the vocabulary vertices, edges, faces, congruent, parallel, perpendicular and should sort shapes into Carroll and Venn diagrams. 


Key vocabulary - 

Week 1&2 - Multiplication 

Week 3 - Division

Week 4 - Time 

Week 5 - 3D shape


Spring 1 

Children will be rounding numbers with up to four digits to the nearest thousand, placing numbers on a numberline, counting back through zero to inclide negative numbers, representing numbers with up to three decimal places. 

They will recognise and write decimal equivalenths of hundredth, recognising place value in relation to money.

Divide 1 and 2 digit numbers by 100. 



Week 1&2 - Place Value 

Week 3 - Multiplication

Week 4 - Division

Week 5 - Addition and subtraction

Week 6 - Fractions


Spring 2 


Week 1  - Addition, subtraction, fractions

Week 2 - Fractions

Week 3 - Money

Week 4 - 2D shapes and sorting

Week 5 - Position and direction, area

Week 6 - Statistics and measures


Summer 1