Snow Day 10.03.23

Good morning Pop Stars!

I hope you are all well, stay safe today.

Although school is closed due to the snow, it is very important that your learning still takes place.



Please download the extract below, 'Einstein the Penguin' by Iona Rangeley.

Read through it and than answer the reading domain that you can also download. 

This should take you about 45 minutes.





Please create a fact file all about polar bears. This will help you with your writing next week. I have attached a fact file template below if you wish to use it or you can make your own up. 

This should take you about 1 hour if you include time to research.

10 Fascinating Polar Bear Facts you need to know | toucanBox



The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a key stage 2 assessment to be taken by pupils at the end of year 4 (in June). The purpose is to ensure the times tables knowledge is at the expected level. 

The Multiplication Times Tables Check is an online test where the pupils are asked 25 questions on times tables 2 to 12. For every question, you have 6 seconds to answer, and in between the questions, there is a 3-second rest. Questions about the 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 times table come up more often. The questions are generated randomly based on the rules of the MTC.

Times Table Rockstars has a area set up that is in the same style as the test. Please have a go in the Sound Check area of TimesTable Rockstars so we can assess which timestable we need to do more work on in class.

Thank you


There is also a TTRockstar battle taking place today between Year 3 and 4. 

Come on Year 4!!!


This should take you about 45 minutes.




We have just started our new topic this week. We have evaluated some existing products ( passport holders) already.

Your task - design a passport holder that would appeal to you. Think about the colours you would choose, the material, the design and anything else you can think of. Please label your design once you have drawn it. We can use these next week during our lessons.

This should take you about 45 minutes.





Online platforms available

My Maths -complete the task - complete the task

Purple Mash- complete the task

TTRockstars- practise your mixed timestables


Files to Download