Home Learning - 19/01/2024

School is closed today due to bad weather. Please find some learning activities for your child to complete. 

If you haven't completed the home learning from the past two days, please go back and complete these tasks first as today's work is a continuation of previous learning. 

If you want to share your child's learning, email:




Watch this Numberblocks song as a starter to recap the ways to make all of the numbers up to 5.

Now watch the video lesson about equal and unequal groups. After watching the video, have a go at setting up your own teddy bear's picnic and sharing out food or objects. Are the groups equal or unequal?

Session 5 - Equal and Unequal Groups



These two phonics videos practise the new Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondence (GPC)  'zz'. You will need paper and a pencil to complete these lessons.

Lesson 38 (part 1): 'zz' as in buzz

Lesson 38 (part 2): Practise reading words

If you want to practise additional Phonics with your child, any of the previous lessons in the playlist (1-37) will cover sounds we have learnt so far this year.



Listen to the story of 'The Rainbow Fish'. Today we are going to create a story map to help us retell the story in order. Use pictures and actions to help you sequence and retell the story verbally. I've attached my story map below if you are struggling to think of pictures you could draw.

The Rainbow Fish Story

Screenshot 2024-01-18 170716.png

'Once upon a time in the deep blue ocean lived a beautiful rainbow fish. He had blue, green, purple and silver scales. One day, Little Blue Fish asked "Please can I have one of your beautiful scales?". "No!" shouted Rainbow Fish.'



Read some of the books which have been set for you to read and enjoy on Bug Club.

If you can't log onto Bug Club, you could read any book you have at home or you could use the Oxford Owl eReading Library which has free ebooks to read.


Physical Development

Sea Creatures - Boogie Beebies Sea Creatures

Popcorn the Dolphin Yoga

Exercise counting


Understanding the World

Research facts about sea creatures. Try to remember the facts to tell your teachers on Monday. You might want to write them down, or draw a picure to help you remember the fact.

If you don't have any books about sea creatures at home, I have allocated everyone a book on BugClub called 'Rock Pooling' which has some information about some sea creatures.

Here are some child-friendly videos to watch about different sea creatures too:

Octonauts - Cbeebies iPlayer - Range of episodes about different sea creatures

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Seahorses

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Starfish

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Barnacles

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Sea Anemones

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Prawns

Teeny Tiny Creatures Episode - Jellyfish