Autumn 1 Learning


This term we have been reading the story The Gingerbread Man. We wrote our own version of the story and made our own Gingerbread Men using gingerbread playdough.   Our favourite part of the story is when the Gingerbread man says; “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m a Gingerbread Man”


We went on an autumnal welly walk around our school. We looked at the leaves and trees. We noticed that the leaves fall off the tree and change colour. We used this information as part of our writing and looked at the different senses.


We have been learning all about Peter Rabbit as part of our English topic. We used our talk for writing actions to act out the story to help us in our writing. We made a prediction about how Peter will escape from Mr McGregors garden. We also explored all the different vegetables in Mr McGregors garden and drew our own vegetables using different media.

5.PNG    6.PNG


As a part of our R.E topic we focussed on the religion, Christianity. We looked at baptism and how people are welcomed into the Christian faith. We walked down to St Luke's Church in Brierfield to have a pretend baptism of our doll Hope. We had a tour of the church and learnt all about how a baby is baptised. 

IMG_6920.JPG   IMG_6922.JPG   IMG_6937.JPG


In Geography we have been looking at the different countries that make up the United Kingdom. We looked at the different flags and collaged pur pwn using different materials such as tissue, cotton wool and ribbon. We also looked at the difference between the countryside and cities.