Spring 2 Learning


In Maths we have been learning about mass, length, and height, and how to record their measurements i.e grams (g) for mass or using cubes for length and height.

Height.JPG            Weight.JPG

We had a fantastic lesson outside in the stunning weather learning about positions and directions.  We learned about whole-turns and half turns.  We developed our knowledge further with other directions such as forwards and backwards; left and right; and also up and down. 

Outside Half Turn 1.JPG      Outside Half Turn 2.JPG

Ask your child about top, middle and bottom.  See if they can show you their new knowledge by placing items on a shelf either on the: top. middle or bottom.

This week we have been learning to tell the time.  We have been looking had the big hand and the small hands on the clock and have learned that when the big hand is on twelve this means o'clock. 


It has been an exciting week learning about 'Supertato!' and his adventures overcoming the terrible acts of Evil Pea. We have been reading the story in class and have invented our own moves to help tell the story.  Watch the video at the bottom of the page. 

We have been looking at following instructions and have been writing our own.  First we went onto the yard and teamed up into pairs to practice giving each other instructions i.e. deferent arm movements, jump up and down.

Instruction Following Haniya-Hooriya.JPG    Instruction Following Zain-Sami.JPG 

  Instruction Following Kiran-Zara S.JPG

We were outside again the next day to pair up, but this time we were sat back to back.  One child had a picture while the other child had a pen and whiteboard but could not see the picture.  Their teammate had to describe the picture and their friend how to draw.  They had a brilliant time! 

Instruction Drawing Khadija - Aisha S.JPG   

Instruction Drawing Zoya - Fatima.JPG

Finally, we put our new knowledge into action by putting together a chick by using paper, paint and other materials.  Ask your child what other materials they used.  Afterwards, they wrote instructions on how to make the chick for anyone else who might like to try.

Chick - Aisha S.JPG    Chick - Kiran.JPG 

  Chick - Nazim.JPG


Our Topic this half term is Growth and Green Fingers. It is a Science and Design Technology based topic.

For Science we will be looking at naming and identifying the basic structure of plants, including trees (roots, stem, flower, petal, leaf, branch, trunk), naming a variety of flowering plants, observing change and growth over time, and exploring seasonal changes and weather.

For Design Technology we will be identifying a variety of fruit and vegetables and begin to understand healthy foods, exploring the importance of hygiene with food prep and we will be developing some knife skills (bridge and claw grip). We will also be making pizza (dough and prepping toppings).

Our Key Questions are:

How are plants the same and different?

How are trees the same and different?

Can we eat everything grown on plants?

What is the weather like in different seasons?

Where does some food come from?

This week we have been planting our own beans.  We have discussed what the beans will need to help them grow i.e. water, sunlight, etc.

AS Green Fingers.JPG       LC Green Fingers.JPG     

 DR Watering Can.JPG

We have also been out in the sun to plant seeds in the small garden areas in our schoolyard.  The children will take responsibility for these flowers and we are very excited to see the various plants that will grow. 

It was results day for the beans we planted.  Some plants were succesful and grew mighty tall while others failed to get to started. Either way, the chldren had great fun looking after the plants.  Check them out below. 

Plant - Ali.JPG   Plant - Hoorain.JPG  

Plant - Maham.JPG   Plant - Zara S.JPG

Trashion Week!

We have been looking at the many ways we can look after our environment.  We have learned about recycling, which was perfect because this week was Trashion week! And the children loved working in groups to design different clothing and accessories i.e. bags, jewelry, and dresses., before showing off their creations in an amazing catwalk.

IMG_7177.JPG     IMG_7178.JPG     


World Book Day

For this year's World Book Day Year 1 completed some fantastic activities based on the book The Day the Crayon's Quit.  We enjoyed a brilliant day writing a letter to an upset glue stick, painting a house for the coloured crayons, and making their own crayons. 

K's Red Crayon.JPG     Stick olour Crayons.JPG 

 Letter to Glue Stick 2.JPG

We also turned up to school as our favourite characters from all the books we read.  Take a look at some of the impressive 'Book in the Jar' the children made.at home. Well done everyone!


Fruit Kebabs

What a day!

This week we were making fruit kebabs.  We talked about different fruits (lemon, straberries, mangos etc.) and how exciting it is to try new foods.  We discussed and drew our designs for our own kebabs before we got to taste test lots of amazing fruits. The mango's and melons went down a treat!

Finally, we were shown how to carefully cut the fruit before we made our own fruit kebabs. They did an incredible job and of course the day finished with the children eating their own fruit kebabs.  Yummy! 

Fruit Kebab food.JPG   Fruit Kebab Isaak.JPG

  Fruit Kebab Musa.JPG    Fruit Kebab Subhan.JPG


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