Summer 1 Learning


Our topic this term is Fire Fire!  Throughout this term we will be learning about the 1666 Great Fire of London. 

In History and Geography we will be looking at how the fire started and we will discuss the differences between the houses in 1666 and the modern day home.

In DT and Science we will be lookng at houses and structures.  We will look at how we fix things together.

Our Key Questions are:

Why did the fire spread so quickly? 

How have houses changed since 1666?

How did London change as a result of the fire?

How can structures be strengthened and fixed together? 

Are all houses made of the same material?


We travelled back in time this term to 1666 to larn about the tragic Great Fire of London. We looked at pictures to compare  houses from 1666 to the our modern houses. Ask your children to list the differences between 1666 houses and our modern day homes. 

To see how quickly the fire happened in 1666 the children made their own model houses made from cardboard and twigs.

LC-Khadija.JPG     LC-Nazim House.JPG


LC House 1.JPG    LC-House 2.JPG

We ventured to 'Bring Yer Wellies' where thee children enjoyed many different activies like den building:

Den - Aisha A.JPG  Den Eesa.JPG

                                    Den Louise.JPG

                                    Den Nazim LC.JPG   


Planting - Isaak.JPG  Planting - Zara Zaman.JPG

Planting - Zoya.JPG    Planting- Arooj.JPG

Making sandcastles:

Sand - Aisha.JPG   Sand - Dawood.JPG

                                  Sand - Haniya.JPG

Setting fire to model 1666 London (oh dear):

                              London Fire - LC.JPG

We even made a couple of new friends (Freddie and Ricky):

                                 Horse-Fenn - Trip.JPG

We had a fantastic time. What an amazing class!

                              Group Photo - LC.JPG


DT (Design Technology)

It has been an exciting week.  The children built their own model 1666 houses from cardboard and twigs. They took these houses on their trip to 'Bring Yer Wellies' where they built dens, planted flowers and eventually set fire to their houses to see how quickly a fire can spread like in the Great Fire of London. Toasty! 

Check out the photos below.


The children have been learning about '10 more' and '10 fewer' using a hundred square to help them. Challenge your child to tell you what is ten more and ten fewer than: 12, 40, 66, 72, 80. 


We have been learning about fact and fiction in class. We have looked at different books to learn about what is real, like a factual book, and what is not real, like a story book.

Fact -Fiction 1 LC.JPG     Fact-Fiction 2 LC.JPG

We will use what we learn about the Great Fire of London to write factual book.