Autumn 2 Learning

As a part of our topic Brilliant Bodies this term we have been reading the book Funny Bones During English. We had fun acting out the story and thinking of different actions for the Big skeleton, the Little skeleton and the Dog skeleton. 

We enjoyed playing in our doctors surgery in our role play area and had lots of fun dressing up and acting as doctors.



We made our own skeletons during DT and we investigated what resources would be best to make our skeletons move. We used blue tack, paper clips, split pins and treasurey tags. We decided that split pins were best!



During Art week we have been looking at the work of Annie Leibovitz. Annie is a famous photographer. We used the ipads to take different pictures and we edited them using different filters and editing tools. This was so much fun!


Christmas Lunch 

IMG_6745.JPG IMG_6740.JPG