Summer 2 Learning

As we head into the home straight in what has been an incredibly fun year of learning, we will spend this final term looking at different topics; including; Science, History, Religious Studies and Geography. 

We will be looking as the different seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn). 

Also the children will be learning about Briefield and all t's different features and how the area has changed. 


Key Questions:

Are all seasons the same?

How do properties of materials affect their use? 

The children went out into the yard to discover what materials they could find.  This included metal, wood, plastic and more.  Ask them which materials they can find around the house. 

Material Hunt 1.JPG     Material Hunt 2.JPG

Material Hunt 3.JPG

Using different materials, we had to investigate how we could protect an egg from cracking if it was dropped.

Egg Outside 1.JPG  Egg Outside 2.JPG

Egg Outside 3.JPG  Egg Outside 4.JPG

The children had lots of great ideas and we were even able to test some of them.  We were ble to test tin foil, bubblewrap, cardboard, fabric and tissue.  Check out the pictures below to see how we got on. 

Egg Inside 1.JPG   Egg Inside 2.JPG

Egg Inside 3.JPG   Egg Inside 4.JPG

Egg Inside 5.JPG  Egg Inside 6.JPG

Egg Inside 7.JPG

Watch the videos at the bottom of the page to see more of the experiment. 


Key Question:

How has Brierfield changed over time?


Key Question:

What human physical features are in our local area? 

Religious Studies

In RE we have been learning about the many different, incredible religions; in particular Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.  

We were fortunate enough to have special guests come into school to talk about their religions: Islam and Sikhism.  Check out the photos below.

Sikh Visitor.JPG     Sikh Zara S-Eesa.JPG

Look at those moves!

Bhangra Sana.JPG     Bhangra Jaleel.JPG

Sports Day! 

What a fantastic morning we had at this years' Sports Day!  The children were full of excitement and eager to shows parents the brilliant skills they had learned for PE.

Check out the photo's below! 

Sports Day 1.JPG     Sports Day 10.JPG

SPorts Day 4.JPG

There's more! 

Sports Day 5.JPG    Sports Day 6.JPG

Sports Day 8.JPG   Sports Day 9.JPG

What an amazing day.  Well done to everyone involved! 

                       Sports Day 11.JPG


The fun did not stop there. We had a special visitor this term to coach us how to play Golf.  Like always we  started we our warm-ups. 

Golf Crab Walk 1.JPG      Golf Crab Walk 2.JPG

Before we did fantastic listening. 

Golf Instructions 1.JPG     Golf Instructions 2.JPG 

And then we showcased our newly learned skills. 

Golf 1.JPG      Golf 2.JPG

Golf 3.JPG   Golf 4.JPG

Golf 5.JPG    Golf 6.JPG

Golf 7.JPG    Golf 8.JPG

Check out the videos' below! 


At the beginning of the Summer term we did some gardening and planteds lots of different seeds. Gardening can be hit and miss but we were amazed to see how succesful we have been.  Have a look yourselves. 

                                 Gardening 1.JPG

Gardening 2.JPG     Gardening 3.JPG

Gardening 4.JPG     Gardening 5.JPG

Gardening 6.JPG

What an incredible job! 

Spelling Bee

Year 1 was buzzing with excitement with the arrival of the hugely competitive Spelling Bee Competition.  The children were given words to learn and were tested until we were down to the final six children from the Aye-Aye and Sloth classes.

The final six were given new words and were tested in front of a packed audience of their fellow classmates.  Every finalist was a amazing and it was an extremely close results.  But there was only one winner...

Congratulations to our 2022 Winner!

                   Inked Spelling Bee Winner.jpg

Check out the brilliant videos below.